Are You Buying True Bullmastiff Quality?  Alternative methods of adopting a Bullmastiff, what Registration Papers really represent, etc. Behind the Bullmastiff Breeders Sales Pitch - Identifying vague warranties, interpreting flashy ads, etc. Your Bullmastiff, Your Responsibility - Interacting with Children, Lawsuits, Liabilities, Expenses, etc. Your Money, Your Entitlement - What you should expect for your money, Interview Sheet for Bullmastiff Breeder Hunting, etc. Your Investment, Was It a Wise One? Bullmastiffs - What the Prudent Buyer Should Know....

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After a long oasis from being online, we are currently in the process of updating some of the pages of this website.  Please bear with us and we will post the changes we have made soon!  Thank you for your support and as always, we hope to continue with educating everyone about this wonderful breed.


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Your Bullem Tip

Have you made arrangements for the care of your Bullmastiff should something happen to you?  If not, please do!  Update your wills (and if you don't have one - get one) to include the care of your Bullmastiff should something happen to you.  After all, you love your companion and they will need your protection more than ever should you die unexpectedly.

Bullmastiffs are the most majestic breed of the canine kingdom.  Are you prepared for the responsibility associated with such royalty?   

Welcome to the most informative and objective website for potential (and current) Bullmastiff owners seeking the truth in what the Prudent Buyer should be aware of when searching for a Bullmastiff to acquire into their household. 

We do not discourage or encourage the ownership of the Bullmastiff.  We only give you as much information as possible so that you may make that determination for yourself. 

Are You Buying
True Bullmastiff Quality?
Buyer Beware!
(Behind the Breeder Sales Pitch)
Before You Adopt
So Your Bullmastiff Has "Papers"
The Bullmastiff Standard
Bullmastiff History
Is the Bullmastiff the Right Breed for You?
Don't Get Ripped Off!
Finding the Right Bullmastiff Breeder
Advertising Bull
Your Bullmastiff,
Your Responsibility
Your Money,
Your Entitlement
Are You the Right Owner for a Bullmastiff?
True Cost of Owning This Breed
Your Children & the Bullmastiff
Lawsuits & Liabilities
Protecting Your Bullmastiff
Your Bullmastiff
What You Should Expect from the Bullmastiff Breeder
Questions to Ask a Bullmastiff Breeder (With the Answers!)
Your Investment,
Was It a Wise One?
Comments, Suggestions,
Money Well Spent
Consumer Surveys
Questions about health, temperament, care, etc.
Questions about Bullmastiff Rescue
Locate a Bullmastiff Breeder
Comments/Suggestions about Other Topics
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If you are new to the game of trying to find the right Breeder and/or a Bullmastiff, much less, making sure that the Bullmastiff is the right breed for you - I hope this website serves you well...

Are You Buying
True Bullmastiff Quality?
Behind the
Breeder Sales Pitch
Your Bullmastiff,
Your Responsibility
Your Money,
Your Entitlement
Your Investment,
Was It a Wise One?

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