Are You Buying True Bullmastiff Quality?  Alternative methods of adopting a Bullmastiff, what Registration Papers really represent, etc. Behind the Bullmastiff Breeders Sales Pitch - Identifying vague warranties, interpreting flashy ads, etc. Your Bullmastiff, Your Responsibility - Interacting with Children, Lawsuits, Liabilities, Expenses, etc. Your Money, Your Entitlement - What you should expect for your money, Interview Sheet for Bullmastiff Breeder Hunting, etc. Your Investment, Was It a Wise One? Bullmastiffs - What the Prudent Buyer Should Know....

Thank you for taking the time to give us your personal experiences!   The following surveys are provided in order to help us keep everyone up to speed on the latest Bullmastiff trends.

Puppy Prices Survey

This survey helps to determine average Bullmastiff puppy pricing trends to find out:    if males usually cost more than females?  Do puppies sold with contracts cost more than those are not?  Do puppies cost the same or more or less in different countries?

Was your puppy sold to you as: 

What gender is your puppy: 

Did your puppy come with a written contract that covered Health and/or Temperament defects for at least twelve (12) months? 

How much did you pay for your puppy?    Denomination

What country did you buy your puppy from? 

Life Span Survey

This survey helps to determine the most common causes of death in the Bullmastiff breed.  Which Bullmastiff lines seem to live the longest?  Which gender seems to live longer and if spaying/neutering affects life spans?

How old was your Bullmastiff when they passed away (or had to be euthanized)? 

What gender was your Bullmastiff? 

Was your Bullmastiff spayed/neutered? 

What kennel or bloodline did your Bullmastiff come from?

What was the cause of death (or need for euthansia)? 


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Are You Buying
True Bullmastiff Quality?
Behind the
Breeder Sales Pitch
Your Bullmastiff,
Your Responsibility
Your Money,
Your Entitlement
Your Investment,
Was It a Wise One?

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