Are You Buying True Bullmastiff Quality?  Alternative methods of adopting a Bullmastiff, what Registration Papers really represent, etc. Behind the Bullmastiff Breeders Sales Pitch - Identifying vague warranties, interpreting flashy ads, etc. Your Bullmastiff, Your Responsibility - Interacting with Children, Lawsuits, Liabilities, Expenses, etc. Your Money, Your Entitlement - What you should expect for your money, Interview Sheet for Bullmastiff Breeder Hunting, etc. Your Investment, Was It a Wise One? Bullmastiffs - What the Prudent Buyer Should Know....

Once you take a Bullmastiff into your possession - you also take on all the responsibilities that come with owning this breed.  If you do not realize these RESPONSIBILITIES and/or feel that they are irrelevant, you will surely think about it again when you are being sued for something your Bullmastiff did or that you neglected to do for your Bullmastiff.

The hotlinks on this site cover several different issues that you should at least review once before taking a Bullmastiff into your possession. 

The Real Cost of Owning The Bullmastiff:  If you think the initial purchase of your Bullmastiff is expensive - think again.   Plopping down a $1000 for a puppy is just a small down payment to a long-term, expensive financial commitment.

Bullmastiffs & Your Children: And don't forget the other children they will come across also.  The number one rule with Bullmastiffs and Children - the two should never be alone without adult supervision.

Protecting Your Bullmastiff:  Your Bullmastiff will forfeit their life protecting you with their strength and teeth.  But how are you going to protect them from dog thieves and disasters? 

Just because the Bullmastiff is big and may "look" fierce, this beloved breed is prone to being stolen - and like it or not - thieves know exactly what to do in order to get YOUR Bullmastiff.  And like any other animal and human - they need protection from the elements, too.

Trying to Make Your Money Back Through Breeding?   Hope you know what you're doing.  If not, think about the content of this website and whether or not another reader would seriously consider buying one of your puppies or not.

Please take the time to read these articles.  They have been contributed from various owners, breeders, and trainers alike and will help you make a solid decision as to whether you are truly prepared to handle owning this breed for their entire natural life.   If you have more questions, be sure to visit the Bullmastiff Advisory.

Still hanging in there?  Great!  Keep going...


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Are You Buying
True Bullmastiff Quality?
Behind the
Breeder Sales Pitch
Your Bullmastiff,
Your Responsibility
Your Money,
Your Entitlement
Your Investment,
Was It a Wise One?

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