Are You Buying True Bullmastiff Quality?  Alternative methods of adopting a Bullmastiff, what Registration Papers really represent, etc. Behind the Bullmastiff Breeders Sales Pitch - Identifying vague warranties, interpreting flashy ads, etc. Your Bullmastiff, Your Responsibility - Interacting with Children, Lawsuits, Liabilities, Expenses, etc. Your Money, Your Entitlement - What you should expect for your money, Interview Sheet for Bullmastiff Breeder Hunting, etc. Your Investment, Was It a Wise One? Bullmastiffs - What the Prudent Buyer Should Know....

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Although this website is specifically geared towards exposing you, the Bullmastiff puppy buyer, to what you should be aware of when looking to purchase a Bullmastiff, also keep in mind that YOU are also responsible to this breed once you take possession of one for yourself.  Granted there are a lot of IRRESPONSIBLE Bullmastiff Breeders out there, but you can double that number and still not add up to the number of IRRESPONSIBLE Owners who should not being owning this breed in the first place.  Take you time, keep researching, and realize your responsibilities before you commit to adopting a Bullmastiff.  Once you have researched your inner self and have determined you are an able owner for this particular breed, then take the time to find a RESPONSIBLE Bullmastiff Breeder that will meet your needs.

If anything, once you adopt a Bullmastiff puppy - you have made an expensive investment in that Bullmastiff's lifetime of love and companionship.  If you are going to spend the money on getting a Bullmastiff, spend the money on a RESPONSIBLE Breeder that will give you more than your return on your investment.  Spend the money on a breed that you know for sure you will treasure for the rest of his/her's natural life.

If you are honest with yourself, what more could you ask for? You'll have a Bullmastiff Breeder that will give you free care information and emotional support along with your beautiful Bullmastiff puppy!  And you will have a Bullmastiff that will spend the rest of their natural life doing everything they can to please and protect you!

Picture Contributions

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Daisy's photo was contributed by her owner, Linda Thompson of Gemstone Bullmastiffs.   She was bred by Pam Kochuba of Shady Oaks and her registration name is "AKC CH. Shady Oaks Days of Glory, C.D."  Daisy is a wonderful representation of the Bullmastiff showing confidence, alertness, and strength. 

Hooch is my boy!

Bounce is peeking over the top and is owned and bred by Phil and Karen Burke of Beloved Toad Bullmastiffs.

Jewel is a rescue I took in several years ago.

And that would be Hooch looking down.

Harry is jumping off into the world!  Harry was bred by Phil and Karen Burke of Beloved Toad Bullmastiffs.

And again, the large Bullmastiff photo in the back is my boy, Hooch!

Are You Buying
True Bullmastiff Quality?
Behind the
Breeder Sales Pitch
Your Bullmastiff,
Your Responsibility
Your Money,
Your Entitlement
Your Investment,
Was It a Wise One?

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