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Are you sure that the Bullmastiff is the Right Breed for you?   Have you done enough research about the Bullmastiff breed in order to properly care for this type of dog?  I ask that you be realistic with yourself in order to spare you and the Bullmastiff any future problems. 

Next, are you aware of ALL the options you have as far as acquiring a Bullmastiff into your home?  Believe it or not, Breeders are NOT the only sources in which to adopt a healthy, happy Bullmastiff.  There are several Bullmastiff Rescue Organizations in which to acquire a healthy, happy Bullmastiff.  Not only does it cost less to adopt a Bullmastiff from these non-profit organizations, but most of the time the Bullmastiff will already be in good health, temperament evaluated, and trained.

Buy a badly bred Bullmastiff puppy - you buy all of the health problems and temperament problems that come with it.On the other hand, if you are looking for a puppy - it will be most realistic for you to look for a Breeder.  A RESPONSIBLE Breeder, that is.  There are LOTS of Bullmastiff Breeders out there - GOOD and BAD.  What is the difference?   Well, would you want to buy a puppy from a Breeder whose breeding stock looked like one of the Bullmastiffs shown on this page?

Sure these Bullmastiffs look terrible and most certainly do not conform to the Bullmastiff Standard.  I know that you are thinking that they could not have POSSIBLY been Champions or Registered!   Well, as far as being a "Champion" goes, remember one thing:   ANY dog that spends enough time in the show ring can eventually become some sort of a "Champion". 

And what about the AKC, CKC, WBC, WKC, UKC, etc., etc.?  There is no way that they would register a dog that looked like this - would they?  You bet they would!    Anyone who sends in a check to any one of these clubs with written proof that their dog meets a particular Kennel Club's guidelines of a Purebred dog can receive registration papers for that dog.  There are a few Kennel Clubs located in Europe and Australia that do do minimal monitoring of the genetic testing of any Bullmastiff that is registered with them.  However, most Kennel Clubs have absolutely no concern as to the health or looks of the dog so long as they receive the registration fee (Free to $20) along with written verification that the dog they are registering is indeed a Purebred according to their defined breed standards.  Keep in mind, pictures are not requested or required to be sent in with the application to verify what the Bullmastiff to be registered actually looks like or to prove that the Bullmastiff is indeed a purebred.

Taken from a Bullmastiff Breeder in Florida.  Did your puppy come from this Bullmastiff?Here is something else to consider.  When you do not take the time to investigate a Breeder thoroughly, you take the risk of losing a large amount of money on something that is less than what most people would consider  REAL "Bullmastiff" quality.  How do you know that the puppy you bought from the Pet Store did not come from a Bullmastiff that resemble the ones pictured here?  Have you ever seen the parents?  How do you know that the puppy you bought is 100% purebred Bullmastiff?  Again, I remind you that the CH. (standing for Champion) in front of the parents' names in the registration papers mean nothing.  If you never take the time to visit the Breeder you are interviewing - how do you know that these are not the Bullmastiff parents that are working behind the scenes behind all the other pretty faces that Breeder presents in the ring or in the magazines?  The fact behind these pictures?  The Bullmastiffs shown here are extremely poor examples of the Bullmastiff Standard and should have never been bred.   However, ALL of these ladies have had litters of puppies in some point of their lives (two are shown here pregnant).  Maybe you have seen their puppies in your local Pet Store?

These are the facts that I want you to remember when looking for a RESPONSIBLE Breeder.   Would you want to financially support the over processing of this majestic breed who may soon end up genetically dysfunctional?  Would you want to pay $800 and up for a puppy, then have to pay hundreds or thousands of more dollars in vet bills because your puppy was not properly bred and turned out to be a genetic disaster?  Or better yet, would you want to risk the safety of yourself and your family for a Bullmastiff that may potentially be temperamentally unstable due to careless breeding?    These are realistic facts to consider before jumping in and taking the first puppy offer you get!

I understand that you have just "fallen in love with the Bullmastiff breed and want one NOW", but an impulsive buy is the LAST thing you want to do!  Take you time in finding a RESPONSIBLE Breeder and you will be rewarded a million times over with your new puppy.

Your Bullmastiff Breeder research begins...

Picture Contributions

Bullmastiff pictured sitting:  Pearl
Bullmastiffs pictured standing:  Candi, Elizabeth
Pregnant Bullmastiff:  Minnie
Minnie and Candi were collected from this website's Rescue archive and were contributed by various Bullmastiff Rescue volunteers.  Pearl and Elizabeth were rescued by Mickey Mullen of Florida Bullmastiff Rescue.  The photos here are to show potential buyers how some irresponsible breeders treat their breeding stock.

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