Are You Buying True Bullmastiff Quality?  Alternative methods of adopting a Bullmastiff, what Registration Papers really represent, etc. Behind the Bullmastiff Breeders Sales Pitch - Identifying vague warranties, interpreting flashy ads, etc. Your Bullmastiff, Your Responsibility - Interacting with Children, Lawsuits, Liabilities, Expenses, etc. Your Money, Your Entitlement - What you should expect for your money, Interview Sheet for Bullmastiff Breeder Hunting, etc. Your Investment, Was It a Wise One? Bullmastiffs - What the Prudent Buyer Should Know....

As Bullmastiff owners, each and every one of us is all responsible for the overall "public image" of what this breed represents.  Each time one of "our" Bullmastiffs gets in trouble - rest assured - it will make public headlines.  And just like the Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Doberman, and German Shepherds, our favored breed would become victim to negative propaganda thus encouraging Bullmastiff breed banning throughout the world.  Do yourself a personal favor....If you truly love and enjoy ownership of the Bullmastiff, protect your rights to owning a Bullmastiff by doing so responsibly.

Liability & Lawsuits:  Go hand in hand with an untrained Bullmastiff.  No matter what the various Bullmastiff "standards" claim - All dogs bite - even Bullmastiffs.

Could This Be You?  What would you do if you were in these situations?  Would you be able to avoid these incidents before they happened?


Picture Contributions

The featured Bullmastiff in the caption is Sasha (Faeriehill Sasha of Desoete HD).   Sasha was bred by Mrs. J. Swarts and her picture was contributed by her owner, Magda Ledoux.  Sasha is shown here performing one of her advanced obedience training exercises.  Her photo is used here because it is an expression of how extremely important it is to maintain control of your Bullmastiff at all times.  Here is a description of her training regime in South Africa from her owner:
"Sasha started at the age of 4 months at "All dog breed doggie school" as can be seen on my webpage.  They start of with a Puppy socializing class - and basic commands. Sit, heel etc.  They progress to the puppy class, with more intensive commands, food refusal, etc.  From that they progress to the class - with no more leach, walking. Everything gets done without a leach. If they obey,and react to your commands. They progress to the advance class. This is the controlled aggression class.

They get attacked from different sides - all they must do is protect their owner. Sasha did second best in her class.

Just a small story:  She has been attacked by 2 persons and she got the command to attack them. She had no leach on and was quiet fed up with them. As she got the command to attack the 1 guy's protected clothing came of. She was immediately given the command to sit, which she did. He was the shivering one.She could have ripped him to pieces. That is why only dogs that obey commands can progress to this class, and she is tops.! and Mommy is proud about her. 

At the moment she is on Maternity leave, she just had pups and are a wonderful mommy to them. She is not a aggressive dog as such, but very loving. But she will protect you with her live if the situation occurs.

Tamika my 7 month old Bullie also started school and my 11 week old Bullie will when she is 4 months also start school. Obedience training is very important to a Bullie because they are big dogs and you must be able to handle them and they must respond when you call them."


Are You Buying
True Bullmastiff Quality?
Behind the
Breeder Sales Pitch
Your Bullmastiff,
Your Responsibility
Your Money,
Your Entitlement
Your Investment,
Was It a Wise One?

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