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Finding the Right Bullmastiff Breeder

So you’ve read "Is the Bullmastiff the Right Breed for Me" and various other documents about both the physical and mental attributes of the Bullmastiff, and have made the determination that a Bullmastiff (or two) standing by your side is part of your destiny. Well, you ARE an exceptional person! Now here comes the hard part….

How do you go about adopting a Bullmastiff? Well, that should be easy, right? You’ll just look at an ad in the newspaper or catalog and pick a Bullmastiff Breeder. They’re all the same aren’t they?

NO, THEY ARE NOT!! Finding the RIGHT Bullmastiff Breeder will be the hardest endeavor you will ever achieve. Not all Bullmastiff Breeders are alike. Like people (which they are, by the way), they come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities – both good and bad. This document can give you hints on steering you on the right track to finding the RIGHT Breeder, but the ultimate responsibility falls on you and your decisions.


 I classify Bullmastiff Breeders into three categories:

Each category may contain a little characteristic of the other, but I will define what the most outstanding and distinguishing characteristics of each are.


Show-n-Tell Breeders are extremely geared towards the professional circuit of showing, obedience, and exhibitions. This is not a bad thing. These Breeders are very devoted to creating the ultimate Bullmastiff that is pure perfection in both beauty and intelligence. They work very diligently on finding just the right dam and sire that will produce that perfect puppy or litter. Once a litter is produced and when the puppies are ready for adoption, the show puppies will mostly likely be placed in SHOW HOMES ONLY. If you are looking for a "show quality" puppy, well, you will pay a pretty penny for him/her. Expect to have a showing agreement written in your contract that will probably require you to "finish" that puppy - most likely at your expense. Your Breeder may offer to handle your Bullmastiff for you for free or for a reduced price if you are nearby, but if you are too far away, you will need to hire a "handler" if you cannot do it yourself. Handlers are not cheap! Not only do you have to pay them to show your Bullmastiff, but there are also traveling fees, lodging, food, and care of your Bullmastiff while they are on the road. On top of that, some Breeders may hold breeding rights to your puppy. That means that they may schedule your soon to be adult Bullmastiff to be bred with another Bullmastiff – most likely at YOUR expense and that can be a very big expense if you have a bitch. Do you want to take on the expense of the special care a pregnant bitch needs and providing the right whelping gear when the puppies are ready to be delivered? What about that C-section that will most likely happen, and most importantly, do you really want to give up you pick of the litter to the Breeder? What if the bitch cannot care for the puppies herself, will you be able to take the time off of work to care for them every hour of the day for the next few weeks? Do you have the KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE to do this? Do NOT expect your Breeder to step in and do this process for you! If this is what you are prepared to take on and want to participate in the professional circuit, this may be the type of Breeder for you. But give yourself some deep consideration about what you are getting into first! Why do I call these Breeders "Show-n-Tell"? It’s because their "bottom line" is to create that perfect Bullmastiff, "show" that Bullmastiff, and "tell" everyone about their Champions.


Puppymillers. Well, I have to say this – this type of Breeder should not be the choice for ANYONE that is looking for a REAL Bullmastiff. Puppymillers produce Bullmastiff puppies by the BULK! These Breeders have absolutely no concern for what a REAL Bullmastiff should consist of. Some even crossbreed the Bullmastiff with other breeds and either try and pass them off as "big-boned" Bullmastiffs or Neo-Bulls, Pit-Bullmastiffs, etc. Do you seriously want to pay hundreds of dollars for a MUTT?! Temperament evaluations, genetic disorders, intelligence, and looks mean nothing to these Breeders. The puppies that result from these breedings generally develop (if they don’t already have it) serious genetic disorders that will cost you hundreds of dollars to correct if you do not opt to euthanize the dog first. Puppymilled puppies can pose a serious threat to your family if temperament problems arise. What would you do if a 130-lb Bullmastiff decided that your family was a nuisance and that you needed to be eliminated? Sure you can possibly get a cheaper dog from a Puppymiller. But think of the expenses you will most likely end up with later. Oh, and something to remember – some Puppymillers do offer what I call "sales pitch" contracts. It’s a new trend that they hope will lure more customers in and give them the "light" of being a "responsible" Breeder. Let me tell you, a 6-month contract is NOT going to do any good for you considering that most genetic defaults show up just before or after the age of 2 years old in a Bullmastiff. Bullmastiffs generally are not full-grown until they reach the age of 3! These Puppymillers will do anything to make a sell. They’ll take cash, credit cards, lower their prices, auction their dogs and puppies off at Puppy auctions for $50 bucks a pup, sell to pet stores – ANYTHING TO MAKE A BUCK!! So, what’s a Puppymiller’s "bottom line"? MONEY.


Responsible Breeders are the very best Breeders of them all. These Breeders are not only devoted to developing the most ideal Bullmastiff in both looks, intelligence, and health, but they are intimately devoted to the life that they bring into this world. What do I mean by that, you ask? Well, when you interview a Responsible Breeder, their main concern is not to give you a "sales pitch" of what champions they have or what titles their Bullmastiffs have won, etc. When you interview a Responsible Breeder, they want to know who YOU are and WHY do you think you are entitled to adopt one of THEIR Bullmastiffs. You will spend at least half of your interview time with them being interviewed yourself! "Well, I don’t want someone prying into my business – I just want a Bullmastiff!", you say? Well, think about it this way. You are about to spend a large sum of money on a relatively rare breed. If you adopt a Bullmastiff from a Responsible Breeder, you not only have purchased a healthy, beautiful bundle of Bullem joy, but you have also purchased a lifetime of knowledge and support from that Breeder. That Breeder will be there for your Bullmastiff and you through thick and thin. If for some reason you cannot care for that Bullmastiff any longer, that Breeder will always take that Bullmastiff back – no matter the condition he/she is in. In fact, they demand it! With this Breeder, you are dealing with the highest quality Bullmastiff Breeder that exists. Not only will your contract cover health concerns that you will be most concerned with, but it will also cover care concerns that your Breeder will be most concerned with. What is the one main problem with this type of Breeder? There are NOT enough of them! A Responsible Breeder’s bottom line is – total and complete RESPONSIBILITY for the lives that they bring into this world while maintaining the goal of trying to perfect the Bullmastiff breed.


Talk to as many different Breeders as you possibly can – you will meet all kinds! Despite the "category of Breeder" that you chose to buy your puppy from, you must always remember the residual consequences that will happen – good and bad.

Good Luck on your search and do not give up. There is a Right Breeder for you out there somewhere.

- written by Sophie

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