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Thank you for taking the time to give us your personal experiences!   The following surveys are provided in order to help us keep everyone up to speed on the latest Bullmastiff trends.

Puppy Prices Survey

This survey helps to determine average Bullmastiff puppy pricing trends to find out:    if males usually cost more than females?  Do puppies sold with contracts cost more than those are not?  Do puppies cost the same or more or less in different countries?

Bullmastiff Puppy Prices Results for 2001

Number of Entries for 2001 45
International Average Puppy Price in US dollars $ 999.64
Countries included in Survey Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Israel, United States






International Puppy Category Description Sold With
Health Contract
Sold Without
Health Contract
Overall $ 1173.09 $ 713.97
Pet Quality $ 1108.13 $ 655.83
Show Quality $ 1290.00 $ 1150.00




International Puppy Category Description Pet Quality Show Quality
Overall (male & female) $ 902.54 $ 1266.67
Females Only $ 896.79 $ 1233.33
Males Only $ 907.34 $ 1277.78




Life Span Survey

This survey helps to determine the most common causes of death in the Bullmastiff breed.  Which Bullmastiff lines seem to live the longest?  Which gender seems to live longer and if spaying/neutering affects life spans?

Survey #

Age at Passing



Spayed / Neutered?

Kennel / Bloodline

Cause of Death (Euthanasia)






Cadenham (Oldwell)

euthanasia because serious epiletical illness














cancer of the stomach and bowels

4 6 years Male Yes Sportsmens congestive heart failure
5 10 years Female Yes Nightwatch cancer
6 10.7 years Male No Ilan Heart failure following gastric torsion surgery . He also had high grade spinal tumor . Pathology showed undifferentiated sarcoma of high grade. Possibly fibrosarcoma or osteoblastic osteosarcoma . The tumor was located on C4-C5 spine pressing the spinal cord. First surgical removal was successful in recovery of his neurological function . Second surgery was very slow to recovery or no progress. 2 weeks after the 2nd surgery he has a sudden attack of gastric torsion . Following the emergency surgery , about 1 hr later he passed away due to heart failure. We missed him dearly. He otherwise had a full and healthy life . High spirit always , very cheerful and youthful . Always showed puppy like behavior. Male bullmastiff , 140 lbs. , champion , 27 inches to the shoulder . Excellent temperament.
7 5 years Female Yes unknown Lymphoma
8 7 years Male No Wildheart cancer/heart
9 7 years Female Yes Mission cancer
10 4 years Male Yes Calumet Bone Cancer
11 7.5 years Female Yes unknown Suspected sarcoma (Had large tumor under front leg along chest wall). Also had blindness due to glaucoma, hypothyroidism, and knee surgery due to ruptured anterior cruciate ligament.
12 7 years Female No grand champion cujo myastinia gravis,several complications

Note:  If you have a website that pays tribute to your beloved Bullmastiff that just passed, we will be glad to include the link to your website with your survey entry.  Some entries may be edited for proper reporting in regards to the Kennel Name.  In other words, slanderization is not allowed in this survey since this is strictly for educational purposes only.  Thank you for your entry and our deepest condolences for your loss.   We understand just how you feel.

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True Bullmastiff Quality?
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