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Whether you are buying your puppy/dog from a Bullmastiff Breeder or from Bullmastiff Rescue - ALL Bullmastiffs come with maintenance fees.  Review the following inventory sheet and price listing of what I consider to be very basic Bullem necessities.   Be sure that this is within your budget before going off and adopting a Bullmastiff that you may or may not be able to afford in the long run.

The following items are usually one time purchases.  They might need replacing once depending on wear and tear, but generally should last the life of your Bullmastiff:

Item Cost per Item
Basic Obedience Class (6 week course) 70.00
700 Folding Wire Crate 150.00
700 Airline Crate 175.00
Crate Cushion 40.00
Dog Bed 78.00
Stainless Steel Bowl with Crate Hanger 7.97
Stainless Steel Bowl 12.47
Pet Food Storage Container 24.50
Pinch Training Collar 9.75
Regular Steel Choker Collar 4.20
Leather Buckle Collar 8.75
Mountain Rope 4 Ft Leash 10.99
Leather 6 Ft Leash 13.75
Raised Dog Feeder Stand 22.00
Pooper Scooper 19.95
Flea Comb 5.95
Wire Slicker Brush 8.75
Bristle Brush 2.35
Nail Trimmer 5.40

Note:  An Airline Crate may not be mandatory, but it is suggested particularly if you travel often with your Bullmastiff or will need it for evacuation purposes.

The following items listed have to be re-stocked as they are deplenished:


Item Size

Amount of Use

Average Use Span

Approx. Cost per Item

Dog Shampoo (specifically Nu-Sal-T) 8 fl. oz Bathing Once per Month approx. 4 - 6 months 8.00
High Quality, All Natural Dog Food 40 Lb. bag For one 100 lb. Bullmastiff fed 4 cups per day approx. 5 - 6 weeks 50.00
Ear Cleaning Solution 8 oz. Cleaning Once per Week approx. 6 - 12 months 5.25
High Quality Dog Treats 24 oz 3-4 Biscuits a day, plus during training approx. 2-3 months 8.00
Nylabone Souper Size Every day - aggressive chewer approx. 1 - 3 months 13.77
Buster Cube Large Every day unknown 15.95
Kong Toy Large Every day unknown 5.50
Dog Toothbrush One size Every week approx. 6 months 2.95
Dog Toothpaste 6 oz Every week approx. 6 months 4.50

The following items are mandatory maintenance medications that your Bullmastiff will need.   The following dosages are based on a 110 lb. Bullmastiff:



Sold As

Cost of Medication
Heartworm & Worm Prevention (Inceptor) 1 pill per month 6 month packet 67.00
Heartworm & Worm & Flea Prevention (Sentinal) 1 pill per month 6 month packet 150.00
Frontline 1 treatment per 3 months 6 month packet 88.00
Advantage 1 treatment per month 6 month packet 71.00
TOTAL COST PER YEAR at least $138 and up + TAX + S/H

Note:  Inceptor OR Sentinal can be used for heartworm and worming medication.  If your Bullmastiff is an inside pet, you can get away with just using Sentinal and may not need the Frontline or Advantage flea medication.
Frontline OR Advantage can be used for flea prevention.

The following items are what a normal yearly visit to the vet will cost for a healthy 100 lb. Bullmastiff:

Vet Action Cost
Exam/Office Visit 40.00
Heartworm Test 25.00
Rabies Vaccination 20.00
DHLP Canine Vaccination 20.00
Parvovirus Canine Vaccination 20.00
Thyroid Test 30.00
Dental Care 200.00

The following medications are health specific according to your Bullmastiff's medical needs:



Time Length


Cosequin (700 gm) 1/2 scoop per day 1 container lasts 1 year 180.00
Thyroid Medication 1 pill per day 1 container lasts 1 year 100.00

The following surgeries common to the Bullmastiff breed may eventually have to be performed on your Bullmastiff according to their medical needs:

Health Defect Cost
Entropian 50.00 per eyelid
Crippling Hip Dysplasia 2500.00 per hip
Gastric Torsion 2000.00 per incident
Heartworm Removal 300.00 per incident
Antibiotics 50.00 per incident

The following boarding costs are listed in case you have to board your Bullmastiff:

Boarding Type Cost
Personal Sitter in Your Home 50.00 and up per day
Dog Care Service that comes by your home just to feed and let your Bullem out. 15.00 and up per visit
Outdoor Run Kennel 9.00 and up per day
Indoor/Outdoor Run Kennel 12.00 and up per day

All of the costs displayed here are merely estimates based on the year 1999.   The costs can either be substantially cheaper, but most likely more expensive pending who you buy your items from, the area you live in, and the weight of your Bullmastiff (heavier Bullmastiffs will have higher maintenance costs).  This is generally what I have paid myself on a specific item and/or found in most dog magazines, vets, and kennels in my specific area. 

This list also does not include the following:

  • initial costs of owning a puppy (i.e. puppy shots) if you purchase a puppy versus an adult Bullem.
  • costs of showing your Bullem (i.e. entry fees and/or handler fees).
  • costs of breeding your Bullem (i.e. specific health testing and certifications). 
  • damage costs that you will have to go through to replace furniture, carpet, etc. that your Bullem will eventually destroy at least once.
  • coverage of extra house insurance that your insurer may require for owning this breed.
  • costs of being sued by another party for damage your Bullmastiff may inflict on another person and/or dog.
  • other niceties that you will want to entertain yourself or your Bullem with (i.e. designer collars, doggy camping gear, doggy shoes, subscriptions, etc.).

If you cannot afford to pay for at least the very basic necessities mentioned in the above tables, then you are surely not financially prepared to own a Bullmastiff as a pet.  This is not a cheap breed!   If you think paying the up-front cost of buying a puppy from a breeder is expensive, then maybe you need to consider a more cost efficient breed or pet other than the Bullmastiff. 

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